To make a comment, you’ll need:

  1. a blog with an RSS feed.
  2. The link of the post you’re replying to.

Step 1: Register your blog to Bhread

  1. Go to
  2. Paste the link of your blog’s RSS feed to the input field and hit submit.

It may take a while (~5 minutes) for Bhread to scan your blog.

Tip: The table lists all RSS feeds registered to Bhread and the time it was last scanned. Use it to monitor if your blog has been scanned.

Step 2: Publish a blog post

  1. Once your blog has been registered, create a new blog post.
  2. Add this text to the beginning of your post: ‘replying to '
  3. Then add a link to the post you’re replying to. For example:

replying to

Sound check…

By adding replying to <link here> to the beginning of any post, you’re telling Bhread that your post is a reply to the linked post. This is also a way for your readers to see what post you’re replying to.


For your next replies or posts you don’t need to do step 1 again. All your new posts will be scanned by Bhread.