Welcome to Bhread.com!

Bhread.com is a platform that makes threads out of blogs.

To get started, you need:

  • A blog with an RSS or Atom Feed

Register an account on bhread.com and add a feed. Follow the instructions on the feed creation page.

After registration and verification, bhread will (politely) scan your feed every 2 minutes. If it finds a post starting with ‘replying to ’, it will make a thread from it. That’s it!


The idea of bhread is to create a centralized hub of interactions without centralizing data.

The absolute state of internet content

When I search for something today, I usually use site:reddit.com to find something valuable. For example I google: best anime 2023 site:reddit.com.

This makes google output results from reddit.com. I do this because most of the helpful content is on reddit. Otherwise, I’ll get results from SEO-optimized sites which usually don’t have useful content.

Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms contain very important knowledge. And It’s important to protect it and to allow it to be accessible to every user of the internet.

Unfortunately these sites only allow access if you have an account. Facebook doesn’t allow search engines to crawl their site.

It’s unfortunate because some of the most active and knowledgeable groups I found on the internet is on Facebook.

It’s unthinkable how much knowledge must be inside their walled gardens.

This is inefficient and it’s not how the internet should be. Humanity’s knowledge should not belong to these entities who at a whim, can just close down their platform and do anything with their user’s data.

It’s unusual to have a blog but everyone has a facebook, reddit, and twitter account

Why are we using these platforms instead of creating blogs?


  • Blogs aren’t interactive, twitter allows you to reply, like, and retweet a post.
  • Blogs are harder to discover, facebook connects you to everyone you know.
  • Blogs are harder to setup, reddit just needs your username, email and password.

Blogs are outlets for personal expresssion. But where do you go if you want to see content from other people?

These social media platforms are attractive because they allow hassle-free interactions, and discoverability.

So why create Bhread?

Bhread was created because I want to bring the same interactions as facebook, reddit, twitter to blogs.

Bhread allows users to post, and reply using their blogs (which they fully own).

With replies, tagging (wip), and groups (wip) we can create a more fun blogging experience.

Bhread is designed so that if the bhread website dies, everyone still has their content. Anyone who replaces bhread can easily replicate its previous state. No one will be able to control every person’s blogs. It will be indestructible.

OK, so how do we do this?

Help me achieve the dream of a more open internet. Register your blog today on bhread.com.

If you don’t have a blog, create one for yourself and have your own slice of the internet.

TLDR: Meme showing a house on fire and a cartoon character inside saying ’this is fine’